vetThis may seem like an obvious step, but ensuring that you have chosen a healthy puppy is important. It is highly recommended that you find a qualified and reputable breeder to choose your hunting pup from, as the right one will tend to have reliably healthy dogs, void of genetic illnesses and abnormalities.

Typically, a good breeder will have your puppy up to date with most of the vaccines it needs. However, it is important to set up a visit to your local vet soon after you have chosen your dog. This way, they can ensure that your dog is up to date with all immunizations, as well as confirm that there are no immediate health concerns. Additionally, you can ask your vet to do a behavioral assessment in order to determine how if your puppy will have the right demeanor to be your hunting companion.

When selecting the best type of hunting hound it is important to understand and monitor the health of your companion with regular check-ups. Many larger breed dogs have a propensity to develop cancers, hip dysplasia, and other serious and debilitating illnesses. A regular veterinary appointment with a veterinarian will help detect and prevent serious illnesses in your prized hounds before they become debilitating. It is best to know what types of illness or disabilities are common for your friend’s breed and to keep a close eye or even take preventative measure very early on.

Regular exercise is always a good thing for a hunting dog, but including something harder, like inclines, will help your dog maintain the necessary muscle mass to prevent hip dysplasia. Feeding them premium food with as little fillers as possible will greatly help maintain the health of your dog. There are a multitude of methods to improve your dog’s quality of life, which will in turn improve the dog’s performance in the brush. With a good balance of training, play, rest, and exercise your dog will not only be the best hunting companion you could ask for, but will also be the best friend you could ever need. Hunting dogs are intelligent, personable, and obedient and are a great addition to any hunter’s life.