Training And Obedience

As with any dog, it is critical to start training your sporting dog at as young of an age as possible. Ideally, you should try to start training at as early as eight weeks old. These are some key components to ensuring that your dog will be thoroughly trained and suitable to be your gaming companion!

puppy-1577613_1280In order to have a well-trained hunting dog, it is important they start off by learning the basics of obedience.  If your dog doesn’t learn how to listen to your commands, you will have difficulty when it comes to challenging hunting excursions. Beginning with proper basic obedience training is a good way to begin building your relationship with your hunting companion, all while getting it used to learning and obeying new commands. Once your dog has begun to learn the basics, you can slowly begin to integrate it is time to begin training for hunting.  Although training your puppy might seem straight forward, there are definitely things you should know about the process.

There are the training basics that apply to most dogs, such as potty-training, sit, stay, come, etc. However, the training process for a hunting dog is slightly different, and includes more specifics and careful structuring. Because training your dog takes lots of time, patience, and work, many people recommend following a puppy training guide or taking your dog to a professional trainer for basic obedience training and/or training as a hunting dog.